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It’s as easy as 1,2,3… 4

Choose It

We have over 1,000 different pieces of pottery, tableware, banks, and home fashion accessories to choose from. You never know what you’ll find!

Design It

Use our books, magazines, stamps, stencils, or your own imagination. Draw or trace your design in pencil on your piece… and erase it if you make a mistake! Or free hand your design.

Paint It

Choose from over 90 colours of glaze and paint. All our glazes are non toxic and perfect for food and drinks, as well as safe for baby’s hand and footprints.

Pick it Up

We will apply a clear glaze, fire your piece in our kiln, and have it ready for you to pick up in six days.


We’ve got it all

Private Parties

Children’s birthday parties, ladies club parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, family reunions, team building, staggettes, Christmas parties & date nights! School field trips and corporate team building? We do those too!

Custom Painted Pieces

Want us to make a custom gift for you? Our creative team can design and paint any idea that you have for just $25! Please allow 2 weeks to complete.

Gift Certificates

Ceramic painting isn’t for you? Got any friends? We have gift certificates in any denomination.

Pottery To Go

Everything you need in a convenient Pottery-To-Go box that you take home for parties, sleepovers, or any occasion.


Bring in a friend and both of you get 10% off your total project.


Starving students get 15% off with valid ID.


Ladies Night Out! Grab your friends and get 10% off with 3 painters.


Book a party for 8 or more painters and get 10% off.

Sunday Funday!

Drop in to paint and watch for special customer appreciation events!


We have a new spacious party room! Book it anytime for no extra cost and bring in your friends, and yes, even alcoholic beverages are allowed! No reservation fee!

  • Children’s Party
  • FREE
  • Bring in snacks, drinks, cake, decorations.
  • no reservation fees
  • JUST the cost of chosen pottery piece
  • includes all instruction, painting, and firing
  • Adult Party
  • FREE
  • Bring in snacks, drinks, decorations, WINE…yes, liquor is allowed!
  • no reservation fees
  • JUST the cost of chosen pottery piece
  • includes all instruction, painting, and firing

More than 20 people? We can accommodate up to 50!

For $30, book our entire studio for an After Hours Party.
(minimum 15 people)

Give us a call at 403.342.2468 or click here!


You select several pieces of pottery for you and your guests to paint. These get packaged in the Pottery-To-Go box, along with a set of brushes, a selection of 12 glazes (choose from three different colour palettes), a glazed colour palette for your reference, brush cleaner jar, sponges, pencils and erasers, a black writer pen for detail work, a check-list of contents and a set of instructions. The box and its contents (except for the pottery pieces) is free, and to be returned in one week.  We do require a deposit of $100.

Upon returning the box and its complete contents, your $100 will be refunded. If anything is missing or damaged, a portion of that $100 will not be refunded. There will be a contract you sign when you take out the box which will explain the breakdown of all the costs of replacement. You must return the box and its contents within the required amount of time (one week) before closing or your deposit will be forfeited.


  1.  Come in to the Studio and choose your pottery pieces from our extensive selection. These will be carefully packaged up for you.
  2. Choose your colours from our 4 pre-selected palettes.
  3. Pay for your bisque, and a $100. refundable deposit.
  4. Carefully read and sign the the contract explaining the terms of the rental.
  5. Take the box home and have fun! You have a week to return the box and supplies in order to keep your deposit. Take as long as you want to bring in your bisque for firing.  It will take us one week to fire it when you bring it in.
  6. There is an instruction sheet in the box to help you with your painting. If at anytime you have questions, please call us at 342-2468 and we would be happy to help.


As host, you are responsible for the following:

  • Choosing the bisque you want in the box and paying for bisque.
  • Choosing the colour palette you would like to use.
  • Watching staff check the contents of the box and initialing if you are satisfied all contents listed are present and in good condition.
  • Carefully reading and signing the contract and the contents list.
  • Leaving a $100 deposit (MC, VISA, or cash) for the box and its contents.
  • Ensuring your guests are aware of the instruction sheet and that your area for painting is clean and free of dirt and grease, and all guests have clean hands.
  • Returning the box and all its contents within the required time frame and in good condition.
  • Watching staff re-check box to make sure all contents are present and in good condition, and initialing when complete.
  • Bring in the bisque for firing.
  • Pick up any finished ware after six days and ensure all your guests receive their completed piece.


Drop us a message here, give us a shout at 403.342.2468, or come visit us at the studio!

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